Maple Syrup Production

Just Keep Boiling…

Gathered an unbelievable 40+ gallons of sap yesterday at 1.5% sugar content.  More than a gallon per bucket.  I literally ran out of room to process my sap.  Both of my 15 gallon concentrate containers were full.  It was late enough that I couldn’t start and finish a batch, knew I would probably get more sap the next day.  Something needed to be done.

I decided to “sweeten the pan” in maple lingo.  So I somehow fit all 15 gallons of sap concentrate into my pan and sap warmer pan (it was full, I’d say that’s the most you can do and still technically boil), and just boiled that down to roughly 5 gallons and stowed it away.

I then processed the 40 gallons of sap and that turned into 13ish gallons of concentrate.

So tonight if the wind and weather holds, I’ll have two burners going at once.  The big pan I’ll boil down from scratch, and the small finishing pan I’ll have going and should get roughly 3/4 a gallon of finished syrup.

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