Just hanging out on Lake Winnipesaukee

For us, there is no better way to spend our time than hanging around the lake.


We had some new doors installed and they needed to be painted.  Some sort of a dark brownish grey.  Looks almost black in the photo, but they’re not.  Matches our screen/storm doors.


I had to run back to the office – I replaced a few door knobs upstairs so they would match downstairs.  I only got around to doing three of them, and with two left to do, I let Cat (the Mrs) do the other two.  I told her she would fumble a bit but would figure it out.  This is the story I was retold when I got back up to the lake:


I took apart the door knob with little trouble and got ready to install the new one.  I learned quickly that it did matter which way the latch was facing.  I had it on backwards so the door wouldn’t close.  I took it back out and switched it around and to test it out, I closed the door.  Of course as I closed the door, I did it as I was in the closet.  The door closed and I quickly realized that I could not open the door!  As the next 15 minutes passed with a variation of fear, tears and wondering when Carter would come home, I used some fake flowers in the closet to jam into the bolt and twist it just enough to get out.  Lesson learned!


So my wife almost spent the better part of our anniversary locked in a closet.  She definitely deserved a nice night out.  We headed over to the Tavern 27 restaurant which is a tapas bar.  Great food!  Reservations recommended.



The next morning we headed out early to see the sunrise on the water but due to the high heat and humidity there was nothing but clouds and haze.  We glimpsed a quick peek at the sun and got this photo…  And then that was the last we saw of it until it burned off the clouds by 10 or so.


We cruised around the lake at 40 MPH hitting Center Harbor



Going under long island bridge – around the island and eventually made our way over to Paugus Bay for the Weirs Beach Diner that opened up at 6.  It was just past 6 as we tied our boat up to their dock and headed into the diner.  A lady was behind the counter talking to a man sitting on a stool drinking coffee as we walked in.  We were told to sit anywhere we would like.  We decided to take a seat overlooking our boat.

The coffee was excellent…

The food was exactly what you would expect out of a diner.  Good food, cheap prices and filled me up.  We had some errands to run so headed back in.  As the day heated up decided to get back on the water for the evening as it cooled (only somewhat) down.

Hitting our favorite anchoring spot, a few floats were tossed in the water, drinks poured an in we went


While all good things must come to an end…  I’m already ready to go back






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