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Iceboating on Lake Massabesic – Taking a Ride

It was a nice warm day and decided to take the day to hit the ice and hitch a ride in an iceboat or two.  It happened to be two.  An iceboating friend Paul showed up with his vintage stern steerer and offered my wife and I a ride.  I’ve never taken a ride in a stern steerer and jumped at that chance!



Cat took a little video of the adventure with her phone:

[video_lightbox title=”Taking a Ride in a Vintage Stern Steerer” video_url=””]
Taking a Ride in a Vintage Stern Steerer Video

Of course it wasn’t without a little excitement.  We did hit a gust and spun out and I got tossed out.  Just a small cut and bruise but no worse for the wear and I get to check off another box.  That was a first for me also in all the years iceboating.  Everyone was fine and I just hopped back in and we kept on going.  The ice was slushy due to the heat and the runners just were not gripping as they should.

Later on in the day I took a spin in a DN for a couple speed runs and got to test out a prototype carbon fiber mast that a club member made.


The mast was simply amazing.  Instead of hiking (the iceboat tipping up in the air) the mast bent and absorbed the gust and accelerated forward.  I simply must get one of these for my boat.  Told him I was going to toss him money until he told me to stop and built me one.

Over all a great day on the ice.

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