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I Finally Found the Appeal to Black and White Film

I just never understood it. Why use black and white when you can have color! Kodachrome!!!! As the song goes.

I’ve been in love with color film from the start. The challenge and complexity dragged me in kicking and screaming yet I loved every moment of it.

I have never even shot film in black and white. I was given a roll of illford HP4 and it sat with the rest of my film and it collected dust as the others came and went. It was the grandpappy of my film collection. I finally relented and put a roll into my Canonet G3 QL17 and fired off 24 shots. Most at my wife who was modeling for me.

Tonight I developed that roll. Cinestill monoboth. 4 minutes at 75 degrees.

That was it. I felt as if I was done before I started. When I opened the container I honestly didn’t expect to even see anything on the film. I was just in disbelief that it was going to be that easy.

As I slowly and carefully unravelled the film to let it hang, as I turned the film ever so slightly, the images were there.

That roll is currently hanging up and drying so I may scan them in tomorrow. I’m typing this out as I’m waiting for my developer bath for the color film to reach 102 degrees.

I’m not a convert yet, but I do sure see the appeal now. Time to cut this short and pour the developer into the tank!

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