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Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur Forge

Flat out this has become one of my favorite cigars! Hoyo De Monterrey Excaliburs have a special place in my heart already due to it being the first cigar I ever smoked (beyond those swisher sweets) and the first cigar when I realized how HORRIBLE those Swisher Sweets actually were… I never turned back to have a bad cigar ever again.

These “Forge” cigars are at another level. Dark, velvety, and a hint of chocolate round out this cigar.

Excalibur Forge

The filler is a mix of tobacco from both Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

The binder is Connecticut Habano

The wrapper from Honduras. You truly are travelling the world while smoking this cigar.

wrapper and cap
Large band

I love the box, the band, the presentation… Honestly everything about it is enjoyable. Especially the price! Currently selling at a little over $6 a cigar, these are no 20 minute smokes. Expect to sit and relax for well over an hour while you enjoy a smooth smoke.

This cigar deserves a full 5 stars, which I rarely hand out on my points system that really means only something to me, but even the harshest critics aka my neighbors who all have different palates and enjoy different cigars agree that these are a must smoke cigar.

I already need another box!

Enjoying a cigar by the fire pit

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