How to Thaw Your Credit

I froze my credit after the big Equifax hack.  I needed to thaw it temporarily so my bank could run a credit check for my loan since I want to purchase an Investment Property


I tried logging into TransUnion first.  What a cluster F***.  I decided I was going to post links to make it easier to find how to Freeze and thaw your account after spending 5 minutes trying to honestly find where to have this done and not be sold some crap I don’t need.


TransUnion:   (Costs $10 in my state)

When you do TransUnion – Be sure to write down your username and password – and they will have you create a “PIN” for your account.  Write that down too!!!

When I did my thaw and then my wife’s thaw, it had me jump through some extra security questions the second time around.  Read them carefully and “none of the above” can be an actual answer.



Equifax gives you a random “PIN” number, so be sure when you freeze the account to write it down and put it somewhere safe or print out the page.  When thawing your credit (which you will eventually need to do) you will need this pin.  Equifax is Free to freeze and thaw for now – Looks like by June 30, 2018 they may start charging depending on your state and state laws.  The site is a little slow so be patient!

Had to try a few times to get it to work the second time to thaw the wife’s credit.



Experian makes you create your own pin during your freeze (6 digit) so be sure to also write that one down!  They also charge you $10 for the privilege of thawing your credit.

Experian was the easiest company to freeze and thaw though, I give them a thumbs up for that, not the $10 rip off though.



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