Hiking Rattlesnake Island

Out in the middle of Lake Winnipesauekee is a mid-sized island that goes by the name of Rattlesnake. It has a couple of humped peaks that resembles more of the humps on a camel or dragon than a rattlesnake.

The middle is protected by the Lakes Region Conservation Trust of which we are members, and there is a special dock that the members can tie up to (limit of three hours) on the island and go hike it. Today we decided to take on that task since the day was too cool for just hanging out on the boat and the fall colors are nearing the peak and made for a great hiking day.

Great Colors at the Dock

Once in the woods we hiked up this boulder hill and down the trail. That start of the trail was not all that well maintained, but we followed the markings to make our way.

Start of the hike

We climbed up the first peak and back down a good distance and honestly not knowing how far we had to walk or what was considered the peak. Was it the first peak or the second? By the time we reached the first peak, we could easily tell we needed to go to the second as it was higher up.

Rattlesnake Views

We were greeted by some great views on the peaks.

We started to over heat and dressed down a bit. About a mile into the hike we hit the second peak where “X” marked the spot.

Found the top

We made our way back to the dock after a great hike!

Back at the boat

I highly recommend the place and definitely recommend joining the LRCT found at: LRCT.org

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