Hiking Pack Monadnock

We spent this past Fourth of July hiking.  It was still during this last heat wave, but we had water and it was much cooler in the woods.  We decided to pick Pack Monadnock as it is also on our list of mountains to hike.  This one in particular is due to its Fire Tower on top and we can check it off on our Fire Tower Quest.

You can find the mountain list here:  http://4000footers.com/list_towerquest.shtml

We had already gone up Belknap Mountain to the fire tower there, so it was time to check another one off of our list.

Panoramic view from up the Fire Tower


On the way down we did a little Geocaching! We actually found 3 out of 4 Geocaches while hiking. The fourth was some multi puzzle clue one that we decided was just too much effort on such a hot day so we opted to skip that one.

So another mountain checked off our list! Not sure what the next one will be, but I do enjoy having that list so we can just pick one the next time we have some time and not sure what to do.

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