Halloween Ready!

Living in the country most of the kids go down town where all the houses are close together. It’s a bit of a tradition. So much so, they have the towns-folk donate candy to the houses down town.

This year they shut that down.

So our small neighborhood decided to step it up a notch.

We normally make it a big deal for the small kids in the area – run it an hour earlier than normal so kids in our area can hit the local houses and then go down to the town.

So we set up a fire pit at the end of the driveway, a table with full sized candy bars and a grab bag of mixed candy, whoopee pies and more.

Spread for the kids on Halloween

Of course we didn’t forget the adults either during this time!

Adult trick or treat

A spread of cigars, alcoholic nips, and moonshine.

We live in a great place and it was wonderful to see all the neighbors step it up for the kids and adults. Everyone agreed we will just need to do it again next year.

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