Ghetto Sugar Shack 4.0

She’s a complete store tent setup complete with walls and a window! It’s really not a bad setup. The ceiling is high and overall well put together for something this cheap. The frame construction is well built, but the plastic walls are thin and not meant for any strong weather, so we will see how it actually holds up.

I assumed there would be a roof vent as most of these do for wind, but this one lacks that and the steam can hang low. Not that big of a deal and maybe something I can add if I keep this.

I bet there is a well built canvas one out there and figuring I buy a new one of these almost yearly now (one made it two years), I probably just need to overlook the sticker shock of getting a good one and just get it and keep using it year after year.

The inside is large (10 x 10) and plenty of room for the equipment.

Set up the sap boiling station

Tapped into the house for the propane and we were good to go. Boiled down my first batch yesterday for roughly a gallon of finished product. I have not bottled it yet, waiting to run another batch on Thursday maybe? There is a current cold snap that has frozen everything back up so waiting for a warming of the weather for the sap to start running again.

Infusing my syrup

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