Full Moon – Astrophotography

I was outside enjoying a Padron last night when I caught a glimpse of the moon coming over the horizon and trees this amazing orange-red color.  I ran inside and grabbed my simple zoom camera and had to take a photo.  Wasn’t sure if the red was going to show through, but I was happy with the outcome.

Last night was a day after the full moon, but you couldn’t really tell that it wasn’t completely full.  You can see the remnants of fading clouds (the darker band in the middle of the moon).

Taking these photos reminded me that I once used to use my telescope more often and that I used to take photos through it with the aid of a special device, computer, etc. 

Found a few of my old photos on my server back from 2007!  

Now the quality is low due to the device (Meade LPI) used to take these photos and how the images were processed, and frankly,  also due to the limitations in the computers at the time…  well, at least the computer that I owned.

All of this got me to thinking, I would love to get back into it.  Not sure what telescope to look at though.  So many choices and I haven’t used one is no long.  I still have my old one that I used to take the above photos and while it’s great for learning and viewing objects, if I want to do more astrophotography, I’ll need to up my game and equipment.

By the way, the cigar was amazing.

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