Fourth of July, Bathing Suits, and Boats

Took the Scarab out for a day on the lake and tossed out the two anchors at our favorite spot.

Relaxing on the lake

Since we have a jet boat (no propeller) we can go into two or three feet of water without worrying about hitting a rock. The boat drafts next to nothing. Honestly we are ecstatic with our Scarab 215.

Purchased it new and don’t regret getting it one bit. Only 30 hours on the boat this year so far, but for what I have under my belt, I would recommend this boat to anyone and everyone.

We drop the main anchor and then toss out my four pronged “rock anchor” – honestly not sure what else to call it nor do I remember where I got it – probably off of one of my racing sail boats, but I digress…. I toss that anchor off the windward side to hold us steady and keep us from swinging too far one way or the other at anchorage in a shallow port.

waist deep water

It allows us to park the boat waist deep in water that no other boat would dare go in.

We had our drinks: Wine and Whiskey Sour (my favorite drink of the past few years) and we played music and relaxed.

Cat put on a new Wicked Weasel bikini since it was just the two of us and made sure she showed me her good side.

Thongs are required on the boat

As you can see, we had an enjoyable view…

The MV Mount Washington chugged by taking tourists around the lake

MV Mount Washington in the distance

In prior days we would take time to hit the town docks in Merideth and go to a place to eat and relax, but today we just took in the sights and dank it up!


Eventually we had to pull anchor and take a ride around the lake. Cat has her boating license so I’ve been doing what I can to let her drive and get experience around the lake.

Having your license via paper and knowing how to drive and navigate the markers – heck, how to even dock – is completely another thing…

Cat driving the Scarab 215

After taking a break from the sun we headed back up for the night fireworks found all around the lake

Fireworks by full moon

The full moon would guide us around the lake to all the great firework watching spots.

A great end to an amazing day!

Hope everyone had fun and enjoyed their 4th of July!

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