Fitness Update – April 2020

I have spent the month of April concentrating on my overall fitness and diet. Taking lots of walks and hikes on the local conservation trails and just in the neighborhood. My Garmin tells me my average steps per day ranges in the 13,000 steps-a-day.

I’ve been eating a fairly strict low carb diet. Over the years I learned that is what my body responds to the best and what I can stick to the best. That’s truly key. You need both. Can you stick with the diet and does your body react to it well.

I still have my coffee every morning with a good dollop of super thick heavy cream I get from the local dairy – along with milk now and then in it – again from the local dairy.

The beef is from Heartstonefarm up in Maine. Grass fed, grass finished, very good for my system.

The key for me is to keep it plain. Last night I had a seared steak with just butter, a little garlic and a sprinkle of spices. That’s it.


I found that the lower carb diets tend to fail when you start trying to make all these fancy foods and desserts and fake pizzas, etc. You go from having a simple whole food (1 ingredient item) and down the rabbit hole of processed foods, low carb flour wraps that I’m just not sure what is in them, “fat bombs” as they call them – as if you really need that much? You honestly get enough just eating what you’re eating.

According to the scale, I’m down a little over 10 lbs this month.

I feel great overall. The constant exercise seemed to finally take its toll on me yesterday and I was a little tired and felt sore after I did a trail jog for the first time in, well… In 3 years probably.

I’m getting ready and motivated to add in weights soon. There is really no reason for me to not have added them in already, but I did not want to over tax my system and over do it and end up with failure.

The last time I weighed in at my current weight was 3 years ago. So feeling good about that. I have 20 lbs to go to get where I want and frankly I’m hoping to get them in the next couple of months utilizing this diet.

I came across this workout in my online searching:

It’s a PDF file for a Dumbell and Barbell Mass Workout

I’ve done the 5×5, 3×5, RPT, GVT, etc. They are all great and they frankly all can work depending on where you are in your fitness and what you are trying to accomplish. Right now, I just want stick to a somewhat simple plan where I’m focusing on certain muscle groups each time and not doing squats 3 times a week. Not with all the walking and hiking I’m doing right now. Just don’t have the need to over-tax those leg muscles right now.

I think I’ll start adding in the lifting next week. Until then, time for lunch.

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