First Virtual 5K

This year I was signed up to do a few 5k’s, but we signed up first and then found out the dates, times, and locations. Well, of course, each one would fall on a date when the local guys would get together. So I scratched on every race and really didn’t do much running at all. Jogging, yes. I did quite a few 5k trail runs on my own.

My first no excuse run-a-virtual-5k came up. I ran it on the treadmill.

Finishing time was: 30:26

I was hoping to break the 30 minute mark but kicked up the speed a minute or two too late to make up the time. Three days later my legs still are sore! I haven’t “run” in 5 years aside from running a single 5k for speed a few months ago. I had no business even running 3.1 miles, nevermind trying to do it for a time.

Regardless I persevered and finished, albeit a little out of breath.

My bib number!
Finishers medal and shirt!

I have to say that I was happy to sign up and despite being personally guilted into running… It worked! I saw it was the last day for me to run and enter in my time, so I did.

I’m going to look for a few more of these “virtual” races and sign up. I know it just isn’t the same, but motivation to move is motivation needed.

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