I constructed my sugar shack – Hobby Sugar Shack version 3.0 with the help of a pop-up Coleman tent from Target and tarps for side paneling. It is amazing how much heat it helps retain and cutting down on the wind.

I never did get around to fully upgrading my two burner propane stove with an insulated table to drop it into. I have an idea and plans to make this much more efficient, but this prior year I found myself concentrating on other issues and this fell to the back burner.

I was able to boil down 12 gallons of concentrate to get close to 1 gallon of finished maple syrup.

Since then the season went dormant as the weather turned cold. The sap ran a little yesterday and today should be another good day before below zero temperatures come back into play with more snow.

So far, not a good year.

Keeping the log updated here: Maple Syrup Yearly Log

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