Esteban Carreras Hellcat Cigar Review

I have a love-hate relationship with cigar of the month clubs.

What I love about them? Getting new cigars I never would have picked if I walked into a large humidor and saw them.

My least favorite part? Getting new cigars.

I know that sounds completely contradictory, and it is… The thing is, when I have time to go have a cigar I really really want to have a cigar I know I’m going to enjoy so I still overlook the random cigars I received.

Go figure.

So I thought it was time to dig in to my stash and try some new cigars. This was one of them and it did not disappoint!

Pig tail style end

Box pressed

Velvety smooth wrapper that you normally don’t see in many cigars.

Smooth draw and pleasant taste with very low after taste.

I honestly know nothing about this cigar, the maker, or even where it is from. I guess I should do some more research on it as I would like to have another!

So if you get the chance and find one of these, even if you’ve never heard about it, I’m telling you this is a great cigar to have!

Two thumbs up!

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