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Enjoying Your Local Rail Trails

The old local rails are all gone.  With their demise they’ve left behind a perfectly graded and nearly straight path that cuts through the landside that town after town have been either paving over or packing down allowing for a great resource for running, walking, biking, etc.

My town is no different.  While our rail is short and currently doesn’t lead very far (they’re working on it!) it is still a great resource and I’ve started enjoying it more and more.

I’ve run into walkers, joggers, bikers, folks walking their dog.  I’ve done the latter myself.  There’s a great bridge a mile down the trail where you can go down the banks and let your dog take a quick dip, get a drink, and cool off.

So far we (my wife an I) only get on the trail once a week, but I’m going to try and make it a bit more often.

I particularly like this one since it goes right along the river


and the trail has been well packed down

Of course it’s bug season right now – so put on some bug spray and walk a little faster and you’ll be fine!  I found a bug net that goes over your head – but I honestly don’t believe it’s necessary yet.  Maybe during deer fly season.  Those things are just plain evil.



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