Enjoying Pipes

I recently started to get back into pipe smoking. I was introduced years ago by a friend who sent me a complete kit (pipe and all) to get me started. I never mastered the packing of the pipe at the time, so gave up.

Can’t explain why, but I decided I was going to try again. Read up on how to correctly pack a pipe, tamper (that is key), light, re-light, and how to properly puff on a pipe. Pipes are not cigars and need to be smoked differently. Who knew?

Also pipe smoking preys on my collecting aka hoarding nature. I can collect multiple pipes, styles, vintage, etc. Of course then there is different types and styles of tobaccos and the aging of tobaccos.

That’s it… I’m hooked.

So in a span that would be less than a month, I find myself with 4 pipes and 12+ different tobacco tins and I’m just getting started. Found a place to start my own tobacco cellar so I can label, store, and age my pipe tobacco.

So far I like the road this is going down.

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