Easiest way to make extra money is to not spend it

Right now I’m going through my monthly bills and getting rid of all the things I just don’t use anymore.

Audible: $23.00 a month (ouch)
Magazine subscriptions: $2.00 to $4.00 a month, but added up to $23.00 total
Home Phone: $44.50 a month – and I don’t use it. Ever. Goodbye verizon.
Cable TV: I was paying $82 a month, cancelled it, got directvnow for only $35 a month. Instant savings, have the same channels.

Do you have other monthly fees such as spotify and you’re not using it? Pandora maybe?

Do you have a monthly gym membership you just keep in the hopes you’re going to use it?

Heck, I called my security company for an upgrade (ADT) as I’ve had the same system for 11 years now. I’m getting a better system and saving $5.00 a month.

Add it all up and in 24 hours I’ve saved myself $100 a month (rounding), or $1,200.00 a year.

Imagine what you could be saving right now?

These are honest cost cutting savings that make a real difference.  Not some don’t buy coffee suggestion.  Get rid of the stuff you just don’t need / use!

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