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Early Winter Trail Hike with Pooch

Sometime last this past spring we had an odd snow day where I took my old dog out for one last (most likely) hike in the snow. We took it real slow and the two miles took over an hour.

Since then she has had surgery and gotten older.

It snowed again here and I did not want to waste the opportunity. She loves the trail, she loves the walk, and even if her old bones were not willing to take her all the way, I was willing to carry her if needed.

It was never needed.

Making Fresh Tracks in the Snow!

You can still see the shaved area from her spleen removal surgery. She was only given 6 to 12 months more time at most after the surgery, so I didn’t want to waste it.

Trail Marker

We made fresh tracks around the conservation trail. Very surprised no one else had been out. It was warming up and the snow was melting and would be gone in a couple more days.

It wasn’t winter yet.

Dad, stop taking pictures and hurry up!

I think my photo taking annoyed the dog more than I would have thought. I was always stopping to take more photos and my dog would just stare and me waiting for me to get following her again.

It’s these memories that life is made up of and which make it enjoyable. We could have just staying inside, sat on the couch, and watched a movie or two. That wouldn’t have been memorable. I’ve done that countless times and don’t remember any of those.

An event doesn’t need to be overly grand to be memorable. Just meaningful.

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