Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2018

This year I participated in the DGR ride.  It’s a ride to promote men’s health – prostate cancer awareness, suicide prevention, etc.  Not only is it a good cause, but it’s one where we get to ride on “vintage style” or vintage motorcycles. 

Any excuse for me to  pull out my 1968 Triumph T120R.

1968 Triumph Bonneville

The day started early and Paul and I hopped on my Triumph motorcycles and headed down the road for the meet up.

Heading to Milford, NH where we met up at the Union Coffee Co.  They had a big part in putting this together and I’ve very thankful for them doing this. 

Roughly 40+ people showed up on everything from 1938 Indian motorcycles, 1966 honda scooter with sidecar, vintage motorcycles of every type, and new motorcycles that looked vintage. 

Of course everyone was dressed to impress!

The ride took us all throughout some nearby towns and roughly 60 miles of riding.  Any more and someone was sure to run out of gas!  These old bikes never held all that much.

A few stops along the way for coffee, group photos and resting.

Group photo at a lookout spot
Stopping for coffee and donuts
At the coffee house
Group photo on Polaroid

Look for it next year and hope to see folks there!

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