Deleted Instagram

I stopped using instagram a year ago right after the Christmas season. I honestly didn’t mind it and originally thought it was a great way for people to follow their favorite products and people. Basically a way to say: Yes! Please send me advertisements.

Then came the ads. Then instagram thought the best way to monetize it was to put up an ad after every third post. Okay, but at least my friends are still posting. Then they stopped posting. My friends went quiet… It wasn’t like I was gathering a giant following since I wasn’t selling anything. What I posted I could easy just text friends…

So what was I left with? I giant advertisement platform. So I would check out three, what is basically three advertisements from companies I wanted to know about, followed by an advertisement from instagram on something I didn’t give a damn about.

This went on and on. I was done. It was a giant time suck, I would spend an hour scrolling while having a cigar and leave with nothing but a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that I just wasted my life.

So I walked away. I kept the account live and up just in case, but never went back.

I logged in after a year and it was as if I never left. All the companies and products I followed were there… Still. Still posting. I found where I could temporarily disable the account, but that’s not what I wanted. I wanted to DELETE it completely. To do that, I had to search for that feature.

Delete Instagram Permanently

Click that and join the club.

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