Maple Syrup Production

Day 5 – of Maple Sap Collection 2018

Went around and put out 12 more taps with the help of a friend.  Moved a couple of old buckets from trees that were just not producing much sap, to trees out in the sun more and which were quickly producing sap the moment we tapped.


Total of 35 buckets out and collecting.  The prior day was far too cold for the sap to run well, plus a low pressure from the small snow storm we received.


Since I’m  posting this the following day, today is looking very promising and I will be collecting the sap tonight to run through the RO machine.  Will collect on Tuesday, run that though the RO and boil on Wednesday if all goes well.  That will all coincide with my receiving my new order of bottles from Bascom Maple Supplies.  12 more pints, and 12 more 1/2 pints.  That should almost be enough to get me through the season.  Considering I only did 1 gallon of finished product all of last season – and it was an extended good season – and I still have some of that in my basement, I will need to be giving away a lot of this syrup.


Speaking of in the basement…  I have a bottle of syrup from 1998 when we used to make it in a fairly professional sap house.  It’s 20 years old now.  Probably a good year to crack that open and compare it?

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