Day 4: Coffee is still black

No need looking for days 1 through 3, there are no posts. Just letting the world know that I’m doing world carnivore month (with some caveats) and while I’m not supposed to have coffee, I’ve decided that I’m going to have coffee but sans the maple syrup and cream I usually put in it.

In regards to dieting, I’ve learned that the keto / low carb diet works on my body the best and is the diet my body is most receptive towards. Carnivore is just a keto diet, but a bit more restrictive.

Really the carnivore diet should be seen as an elimination diet. Let your body reset and slowly add back in things such as root vegetables, fruits, etc.

Find out what your body is most reactive towards and keep those to a minimum or eliminate those foods from your diet completely.

I’m also working out on my rowing machine – 3 days now and counting. Hopefully make it a fourth.

Link to my log:

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