Day 3 of Maple Sap Collection – 2018

Collected 15 gallons of sap out of 25 buckets.  Roughly 4 of them had very little sap in them, while a few trees had well over a gallon.


15 gallons of sap from 25 buckets = 0.6 gallons of sap per bucket.


I’ve usually heard 1 gallon of sap per day per tree for 10 days tossed around in the maple syrup world, but that’s definitely not the case here.


Processing the sap now.  Plan on boiling tomorrow mid morning.  Looks like some neighbors want to come on by.  After that, I’ll tap the next 12 trees and have more than enough I hope.


Will be interesting trying out the new pan.  Hope it goes smoothly enough.  Will find out soon I suppose.

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