Cross Country Skiing

I haven’t been in such a long time. I have had the same skis since high school along with the same x-country ski boots that were so tattered from wear and age that I just threw them out. Went out and purchased some new boots and skis.

Bought the boots off of a website and the skis I picked up gently used on eBay of all places. I love scouring eBay for deals on gently used items. The poles came from REI.

It was time to finally use them – which of course I’m doing this at the end of the season, but hit the local rail trail!

Rail trail with just enough snow to ski on
New skis and boots!

The Rossignol BC – Back Country skis have a metal edge to them allowing you to have some extra stopping power and turning abilities above standard x-country skis. They also perform extremely well just going down the standard trail.

What I learned is how hard cross country skiing is – I had forgotten – and also how out of shape I really was. This kicked my butt and pushed my motivation into overdrive to stick to my diet and lose some weight.

The motivation is here, time to take advantage of it.

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