Cooking the Perfect Steak – Part 2

After cooking a ribeye steak in part 1 and taking what I learned from that, I figured it was time to tackle it again.

So once again, I grabbed a ribeye. This was nice and thick. I added on a rub and some red pepper flakes because I do like some spice.

Spicy Ribeye

While that was resting, I got out my cast iron pan and added some butter, garlic, and onions.

Slowly cooking onions and garlic
You just can’t go wrong with these!

Once I started seeing some browning on the garlic and onions, I then added the steak and cooked at perfectly medium heat for 5 minutes a side

and into the pan!
5 minutes in – Flipped – and now for another 5
Look at that sear!

So this is coming out better than I could have hoped right now.

I let it cook on the second side until it hits 131*F. I was aiming for 130* but this is about as on as I can be as the thermometer is moving quick.

I then wrap it up in tin foil and let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes. This one was close to 10 minutes.

What amazed me this time is that the temperature continued to climb another 14 degrees!

Letting my steak rest

As you can see, we still had some nice warm pink color on the inside


Honestly this came out better for me. Everyone likes their steak done differently and different size cuts of meat and stoves make it very difficult to just say: 5 minutes, flip and 5 minutes longer and then let it rest.

While that worked in my scenario, you really just need a cheap thermometer and put it directly through the side and into the middle.

Side note: I have also learned that when you wrap a steak, you will want to do each one individually if you cook more than one. I did three a week ago and wrapped all three and the internal temperature did not climb nearly as high and left the steaks – while they were a perfect medium rare rather than a medium – they were too rare for the girls.

I’ve been having fun with my searing and stove cooking, but I’ve ordered a new charcoal grill so the experimentation is going to take on a whole new meaning as I have never cooked on charcoal before.

Until then, say yes to the rub, yes to the sear, use less butter than you think, and let your steak rest!

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