Cooking The Perfect Steak – Part 1

I’m not sure how many parts of the series there will be, I’m trying to test taking the steak off at different temperatures and seeing exactly what it’s like on the inside and how well it tastes.

Because I’ve been on a more meat-based diet lately I find myself cooking a lot more steaks. They are simply done either in butter or bacon fat with garlic, salt, and pepper. That is it.

Tonight I was cooking a ribeye cut of meat. I ended up putting a thermometer through the side and into the middle to get the best temperature reading and also to allow me to flip it over while keeping the thermometer firmly in place.

4 minutes one side

4 minutes opposite side

2 minutes back

2 more on other again.

The minutes honestly are a very worthless number to go by, yes they help you a little bit, but it’s different for everyone depending on the temperature of your stove.

I brought the temperature up to 137° and removed it from the heat and wrapped it in foil to rest.

While it was wrapped up, the temperature steadily climbed all the way till 147°. An extra 10° was gained just by allowing it to rest for five minutes.

I waited an extra minute to see if the temperature will drop but it did not, it just held steady.

Removed the foil

And cut into it

The colors make it look rarer than it was. I would call it medium for sure, but the perfect kind of medium. I was very happy with this outcome on my first shot.

I will try taking the next one off at 130 and see the outcome there.

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