Completed Cigar Room

Well, completed as in built, but not fully furnished and dressed up. Very happy with the current outcome!

Chairs and fire

Since the above photo, I’ve added a coffee table, rug, and another wingback chair to the room.

Waiting on some more lighting that was ordered but not delivered. Also need to get a bar setup and shelving for the whiskey. I have a large whiskey barrel I want to find a way to keep in the corner.

Leather Chairs

We have two heaters going that keeps the room very comfortable. T-shirt weather for sure. The filtration system works great and we just keep it on automatic.

The HUGE addition was the ozone machine I purchased. Just a simple one that I run for 50 minutes after everything is done and we leave the room for the night. That stale smoke smell is non-existent and keeps the garage smelling fresh as the smoke smell doesn’t seep down.

The next morning I go in and open the window for fresh air and allow the room to finalize airing out.

Cigar on the coffee table
End tables

The end tables were dropped off by a neighbor that had them above the garage and didn’t need them. They are frankly a perfect fit. They are not at all what I was looking for, but they are perfect.

Working on taking better photos in the room. Since it is dark and my speedlite flash isn’t working properly, a lot of the photos are darker than I would prefer.

Picked up a cheap flash for now, but need to play with the manual settings to get them where I like. I’ll have more with a future update once the bar is in and set up.

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