Collecting Birch Sap Still

Been at it two days now. I have three trees that fill up my buckets and another 4 that do next to nothing. The black and white birch are the producers while the silver ones – in a more wooded location though – are barely doing anything.

Regardless, I have about 20 or so gallons of sap I’ll need to run through the RO system tonight after I make one more collection – Maybe 30 gallons by tonight.

I’m a little busy as the weather has gotten warmer, the birch sap I doubt will keep for long due to the warm weather. At this point, not sure why I’m even doing it. I guess I figure that if I collect it but don’t boil, I at least tried. If I boil, then even better. If I did nothing at all, I’d kick myself and wonder about it for a full year. So even if I don’t, I’ll know not to bother next year due to being too darn busy.

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