Cleaning House – Decluttering

I’m in the middle of reorganizing a bunch of my hobbies and noticed a have a few that either no longer do, enjoy, or have too much “stuff” accumulating.

It’s hard to purge the older and currently unused items. Sure, it’s just sitting there, but the second you look at it, you remember all the enjoyable times and think to yourself: “I should do that again!”. So you keep the said item.

Yet, time is a luxury you can buy any more of. I can only do so much in a weekend, or even year. I don’t need the money, but I also don’t need the items taking up so much space. I look at the extra drones sitting around. I’ve moved up in the world on the drones with both expertise and quality. I no longer need the older ones. Maybe someone out there would love to have it and use it.

I have an RC Twin Hammer vehicle. Had some friends that used them for rock crawling, etc. It actually is fun and challenging going through courses and gates with the RC cars. I haven’t done that in a couple years now. Those friends that did have moved on in the RC world to bigger and better vehicles and I’m still stuck in newbie land.

I’m beginning to learn that some hobbies live and die, not by how much you personally love it, but sometimes just due to the fact of whom you have around you enjoying it also.

So right now my basement is a complete mess as I’m trying to remove items from shelves. Which is driving me nuts!!! I can’t stand going down there and see the mess.

I’ll power through because little by little it’s getting better, I’ve put a little extra money in my pocket but the best part is the decluttering and I’ll be happen when it’s done.

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