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Cigar Room – Day 2

The construction of the 18 x 12 room started off quickly and continued onto Sunday.

I added the shiplap onto the front of the wall and installed the door. Then I substantially cleaned up the place!

Entrance to the Cigar Room
Unfinished Interior of the Cigar Room

You can also see in the above photo that I ran the electrical through the outlets, but do not have them hooked up yet. There will be two circuits in total.

This way I can have the heater on one and the lights and filtration on the other.

I originally was going to just keep the room raw, but now have talked myself into the more work of staining and polyurethane the walls and ceiling to make for easier cleaning (just wipe down the walls to clean any smoke residue) and hopefully for better sealing potential of the room to limit the cigar smoke leakage into the main section of the garage.

On that note: I had a thought in the middle of the night to actually add “flex seal” onto the seams on the exterior. Yes, no? Too much? Probably just over thinking the situation.

Place another curb-side pickup at Home Depot on Sunday but they didn’t come through for me. Notified me 10 minutes before they closed I could get it. Yeah… Right.

Of course it is pouring today. Good thing I chose curbside!

I also picked out a nice Pergo flooring. Not putting it down anytime soon, just figured while I was there picking up more wood I might as well have it on hand.

Need to remind myself to get a door knob and a dead bolt blank? Do they make such a thing? It’s not like I actually need a lock.

Lastly, furniture.

Hoping to have it finished up by next weekend. Doubt it, but one can hope!

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