Cigar Room

Ceiling Installed

The cigar room is getting closer to completion. In all honesty I did believe I would have it done by now, but time constraints have tied my hands – well, that and motivation to crank it out evening after evening after a long day of work.

Despite the shortcomings, the eves and ceiling are now completed!

Cigar Room

I need to finish up the back wall with the window and go around and put silicone where I see gaps to help seal the room. Eventually a heavy coat of polyurethane, but it will need to really warm up for that. I feel a slight twinge of regret that I didn’t insulate the wall with the door, so I’m going to do that on the other wall that has exposure to the outdoors, while the wall with the door is still actually inside the garage. I will add insulation elsewhere also and plastic where I can on the walls and staple that up.

I purchased one of those hang on the wall type electric fireplaces.

Electric fireplace

It puts out a fair amount of heat, but not enough. I’ll have to add another heat source of radiant heat. I picked up one of those oil radiators that you plug in and can sit in the corner.

I guess I’ll understand it better once the room is sealed up. It just isn’t yet.

To do:

  • Tie in the electrical
  • Get and add insulation – R13
  • Get and add plastic to cover insulation
  • Silicone seal corners and cracks
  • Install Pergo floor
  • Add trim
  • Furniture (coming on the 15th!)
  • Urethane next year?

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