Maple Syrup Production

CDL Hobby Reverse Osmosis

I decided it was time to step up my reverse osmosis game and leave my home built version and get myself a professionally built, but still hobby, maple sap RO.

I still have my personal version and it works great, but just too slow… I need to run it overnight most of the time and when I do, sometimes the pump will run dry. I’m pretty sure I ruined last seasons pump. I haven’t tested it, but I recall it not working very well at the end of the season (if at all).

This version will still get my sap up to 8 brix but at a blazing 50 gallons per hour versus my 50 gallons per day!

I picked mine up over at

It’s a hobby that is done out of love, not for money. I’d have a lifetime supply of syrup for what I just paid for this thing probably. I could do the math… On second thought I’m not going to do the math. Probably too depressing.

CDL 50GPH Reverse Osmosis

But I mean… Just look at it! How can you say no to that! All chromed out and ready to make 8 brix sap! It even has wheels as if it was a dolly so you can easily move it around.

I need to take some time and read the manual on this one despite it looking quite straight forward.

The next step is to get my new burner and set it up inside a pan to help retain the heat. As we concluded last year that was our next biggest bottle neck in our hobby maple production.

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