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    Fitness Update – April 2020

    I have spent the month of April concentrating on my overall fitness and diet. Taking lots of walks and hikes on the local conservation trails and just in the neighborhood. My Garmin tells me my average steps per day ranges in the 13,000 steps-a-day. I’ve been eating a fairly strict low carb diet. Over the years I learned that is what my body responds to the best and what I can stick to the best. That’s truly key. You need both. Can you stick with the diet and does your body react to it well. I still have my coffee every morning with a good dollop of super thick heavy…

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    Running – Getting back into shape

    So I starting running again.  I’ve always hated it.  It’s just not for me, yet I do it as it’s the most efficient way to get exercise for me where I live.  The roads and hills are not conducive to biking.  There are no side walks, no shoulders on the road, nothing but hills everywhere you look.  You take your life in your own hands biking.  I do own a mountain bike and keep it up north at my house by the lake.  I’m hoping to do more activities with it up there, but back home I’m relegating to weightlifting and jogging. Saturday I ran a couple miles on the…