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    Another Sunday Raceday

    5 degrees and we get in the car and head out for a road race. I won’t be racing today due to a knee injury and Carl is staying home because it is just too damn cold for him. While we all just tried to stay warm, the announcer spoke about the course, other races, and then the National Anthem played. Soon Cat was off! She started off great and was back quick enough to win the overall female prize. So congratulations on being number one! Going to nurse my knee and here is to hoping I make the next one with carl in a couple of weeks!

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    Ran My First 5K in Years

    I haven’t run in years. At least not at any officially sanctioned event. I’ll jog on the trails with my dog and it is quite enjoyable, but I haven’t stepped foot on a road course in a long time. So I told the wife I’ll run with her at the next event. I’ll take the dog since he likes coming with me and we can give it a try again. Of course she was giddy since I used to do it all the time 15 years ago, so it reminded her of the old days when I would tag along. Did I mention it was single digits outside? We also…

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    Winter Running Photography Shots

    I’ve been trying to work on my photography skills, using different angles, shutter speeds, etc. I’m amateurish at best, but know enough to be dangerous. Luckily my wife Cat doesn’t mind being on the other end of the camera and is doing work to promote her running and fitness.

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    First Virtual 5K

    This year I was signed up to do a few 5k’s, but we signed up first and then found out the dates, times, and locations. Well, of course, each one would fall on a date when the local guys would get together. So I scratched on every race and really didn’t do much running at all. Jogging, yes. I did quite a few 5k trail runs on my own. My first no excuse run-a-virtual-5k came up. I ran it on the treadmill. Finishing time was: 30:26 I was hoping to break the 30 minute mark but kicked up the speed a minute or two too late to make up the…

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    Took a Wrong Turn – Ran a 5k

    A beautiful but windy day outside led me to lace up my running shoes and try out another trail run just as I did the other day. Call it impulsive, but the shoes went on, the Fenix watch, and the new addition of a heart rate monitor on my chest. After a slight walk warm up, I quickly shot my heart rate up to 160 as I climbed the slippery leaf covered hills. The wind was blowing like crazy, but I was well protected in the woods. I decided to take a left in the woods on a trail I don’t usually go on. Figured I would try and stay…

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    Trail Running – A New Start

    Decided it was time to step up my fitness game and get outside and do some trail running.  I’ve been eating well, but my weight loss has stalled and been stagnant for a month or two now.  I’m going to try and keep better track of my caloric intake but also add in some light cardio to go with my current weight lifting routine. Regretfully it has been getting darker earlier and earlier.  Might need to start bringing a head lamp?  Or maybe run early in the morning?  Yeah, probably not that.  I’m not exactly a morning person.  Clocks change soon…  Will make some decisions then. [activity id=4160651149]

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    What did I just get myself into?

    The Mrs and I have been doing our best to get into shape as of late, and doing well I must add! The question was: How do we keep this motivation going? Well, we of course love Bermuda, and have been there a few times. The last two, we coincided our travels with a road race. We have always heard about the Bermuda Triangle Challenge that happens in mid January. Three races in three days. Friday is the Mile Run held on Main Street Saturday is the 10K Sunday is your choice of the Half-Marathon or Full Marathon. The person with the three combined lowest times is how the overall…