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Enjoying a Kaywoodie pipe tonight some tobacco I have packed away but neglected to keep the name. Winter is a great time of year to make the switch. The room is colder and the pipes are a quicker smoke with less of that pungent after smell that cigar smoke is well known to emit the next day. The pipe tobacco has also aged an extra year allowing it to mellow out even more so I can’t wait to taste and enjoy Lighting the pipe

As part of my new addiction to pipe smoking and collecting both pipes and tobacco, I grabbed one of these pocket vest pipes. The stem can spin around and point inwards so it becomes and even more compact design. The bowl is small and oval shaped as to probably give a short quick smoke while out to dinner or a show. Needs some maintenance and smells as if it really needs a cleaning - probably been sitting in someone's basement for far too long. I'm going to give this pipe a good cleaning, alcohol bath and polish and see how it comes out.

I recently started to get back into pipe smoking. I was introduced years ago by a friend who sent me a complete kit (pipe and all) to get me started. I never mastered the packing of the pipe at the time, so gave up. Can't explain why, but I decided I was going to try again. Read up on how to correctly pack a pipe, tamper (that is key), light, re-light, and how to properly puff on a pipe. Pipes are not cigars and need to be smoked differently. Who knew? Also pipe smoking preys on my collecting aka hoarding nature. I can collect multiple pipes, styles, vintage, etc. Of course then there is different types and styles of tobaccos…