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I'm a little slow this year in getting my sailboat in the water and going.  It's still not in the water for sailing, but I did get my mooring ball installed so I'm one step closer.  Used a boat we lovingly call the "oil rig".  As you can see from the photo: It has all the equipment and rigging for installing and hauling rusty chains. Just a few more shots of the area.  Hopefully this coming weekend I'll get the Flying Scot in the water and race ready.

It's that time of year again! Time to get the Yacht Club ready for a new season of sailing and racing. As you can see, the water level is so high right now that the dock goes up! Need to get my boat registered and prepped, mooring ball needs to be placed and boat put in the water.

There's a lot of ice sailing going around New England. A bunch of us are sailing on Lake Massabesic. It's a smallish lake, but the wind is good and we have the yacht club right there, so we open it up, crank up the heat, so on cold days you can go in and warm up. The big lakes - Winnipesaukee or Sunapee, you're forced to go back to your truck at the public launches and warm up. So sure, we don't have the big ice, but we have the ammenities. And where else are you going to get views like this?