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    Buying T-Bills

    Trying to change it up on my financial side for a bit by purchasing T-Bills from both my Fidelity Investments account and at Treasury Direct. Both methods were honestly quite simple. Through the Fidelity account, I was buying them on the secondary market. Treasury Direct is an auction and when you sign up the return is not known. You have a good idea, but you won’t know until it is purchased. Well, that’s at least how I have gathered it works. The Fidelity Money Markets are doing quite well right now: 4.65% as I write this today. (Symbol: SPRXX) The T-Bills are paying at bit more at 5.2%, not a…

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    Updated the Excel Sheet for Checking

    Please visit the original page here: Move some of the columns around and added the ability to track your spending for the next 5 years. It’s simple, it’s straight forward and it works. I will always prefer manually keeping track vs online apps. For one, I control my information. The other main reason is that you actually SEE what you’re spending your money on, not just a total tally or lack there-of. It’s become too easy to just swipe a card or wave your phone over a sensor. The benefit is that it is quick and easy, the down side is that you far over spend… because… wait for…

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    Playing the Stock Market

    I recently got back into playing / day trading / gambling in the stock market. I have the standard go-to’s… IRA’s, 401Ks, Mutual Funds, Stocks, blah blah blah. Doing what you need to do to save enough to retire. The standard boring stuff. Investing is supposed to be boring. The more boring and automated it is, the more you are doing it correctly. This last big crash, I did nothing. I watch the accounts go down and then watched them go back up again. By not panicking, I’m better off today than I was at the start of the year. That is investing. Knowing the goal and working towards the…