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    The Best Homemade Salsa

    The garden had more tomatoes than anyone knew what to do with this year. We wanted to make some sauce and salsa and preserve it (canning) so we could enjoy it through out the year. First off… This recipe is SIMPLY AMAZING! Not selling anything on this blog. Just handing out tried and true recipe that you’ll enjoy. Getting right to the recipe and not me jabbering, here is a double batch we made ( cut in half or less if you wish ). BEST HOMEMADE SALSA INGREDIENTS 20 Cups of peeled and chopped tomatoes. (The finer the tomatoes are chopped the more “picante” your salsa will become) 6 Cups…

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    Bunny Attack!

    Ok, so the headline is a little alarmist…  But speaking of unwanted critters…   This guy showed up and just wouldn’t leave: [video_embed url=””]   Even as I was weeding, it just wouldn’t leave…   Oh well.  I figured if it was going to be that brave and would have food over fear, I’d let her stay a bit longer and eat.  There’s more lettuce there than I can eat at once so I didn’t mind sharing.

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    Apple Trees

    I purchased a few apple trees from Gurneys this winter for delivery in the spring.  They came far far too early, I ended up potting them and storing them in my garage, and one of them is still a stick.  I call it my stick.  While the other two apple trees have budded and shown leaves and the cherry tree finally sprouted leaves, my gala apple tree is just a lowly stick.       A few days ago I was perusing around my local large box store for some gardening supplies.  I look over in their plant section and what do I see?  Giant 10 to 12 foot apple…