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Ok, so the headline is a little alarmist...  But speaking of unwanted critters...   This guy showed up and just wouldn't leave: [video_embed url=""]   Even as I was weeding, it just wouldn't leave...   Oh well.  I figured if it was going to be that brave and would have food over fear, I'd let her stay a bit longer and eat.  There's more lettuce there than I can eat at once so I didn't mind sharing.

I purchased a few apple trees from Gurneys this winter for delivery in the spring.  They came far far too early, I ended up potting them and storing them in my garage, and one of them is still a stick.  I call it my stick.  While the other two apple trees have budded and shown leaves and the cherry tree finally sprouted leaves, my gala apple tree is just a lowly stick.       A few days ago I was perusing around my local large box store for some gardening supplies.  I look over in their plant section and what do I see?  Giant 10 to 12 foot apple trees!  For only $39 a tree!  Heck, I paid $37…