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    Eating to Lose Weight

    Now that I have time on my hands, and my knee has 90% recovered from surgery, I no longer have any excuses to lose the excess weight I have been lugging around. We all know that all along they were just excuses, but darn it, they were good ones. Too busy, can’t exercise, etc. Yet now I no longer have any excuse. Void of any excuse the only thing I can do is to eat better. So here I am eating my eggs and drinking black coffee as I write this. The black coffee really isn’t all that bad. You quickly get used to it. The eggs are wonderful and…

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    Taking Back My Fitness

    Somewhere in the second half of last year, I fell off the fitness wagon, and gained back most of the weight I lost two year back. I’ve thought about eating better, always had good excuses as to why I wasn’t, but for the past two weeks I’ve thrown all the excuses out, I’m tracking my calories through the “MyPlate” app, and doing my weight lifting program. I’ve been sticking to it semi strictly last week, and full on strict this week. Very low carbs. I find that’s just what works for me. To break it down so far this week: Breakfast Coffee and Cream Two egg bites Total calories: 323…

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    Maple Sap as a Sports Drink?

    Using maple sap (aka maple water) as a sports drink isn’t anything new. Here is an article back from 2014 proclaiming this: Ever since the coconut water craze, which I believe has come and gone, other products were looking to jump on the bandwagon. The Maple Industry was one and it also had the product. Maple sap has natural sugars, and perfectly suited as a recovery drink. I have the sap, I have the RO to get even sugar content… Why the Reverse Osmosis? I figure this is the best way to get to a consistent 3% sugar content and also because it will be filtered through the pre-filter…

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    Today’s Fitness Fail

    It high time I get back into shape. I have a good workout program, but wanted to add along something to keep it interesting. Queue me remembering all of those Crossfit WODs (workout of the day). Great! I’ll go to and see what today’s WOD is and get greeted by this: So the day I decide to workout, I find out is a rest day. Am I good, or am I good!? Time to work on plan B