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Readers know and hear about my homemade Whiskey Sours and yes, they still are my favorite, but it got me thinking on what I can do with the left over lemon rinds. Squeezed lemons Then it hit me. Lemoncello! Since I'm not having 10 to 12 lemons at a time, I did a test to see how well the rind would freeze. Lemon Freeze Test The lemon ends I did the test with froze perfectly. No discoloration, no nothing. So that gave me hope that they would keep over the course of a week while I made my Whiskey Sours. So prior to squeezing the lemons, I would gently peel the rind and save it. More yellow, less white First…

If you're like me, you've heard of the whiskey sour but probably never had one. Oh and if you enjoy the flavor and feel of sucking on a lemon then this drink is definitely for you! Just three ingredients: 1 part simple syrup 2 parts fresh lemon juice (basically two lemons) 1 1/2 to 2 parts whiskey or bourbon Shake with ice, strain and serve on ice. Enjoy! You can thank me later.