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    How to Start an LLC – and Why?

    Welcome to the world of LLC’s! A Limited Liability Corporation really does nothing more than put an extra layer between you and your tenants, it gives you an air of professionalism even if there isn’t any (joking), and lastly a layer of privacy on items when looked up. That’s really it. There is a lot of upside to it, and very little down side. There are no taxes to file when you use a single member LLC, everything flows to your personals, so nothing extra with the IRS that you wouldn’t normally do now. So stop worrying about that. Repeat: There are no special filings or paperwork with the IRS…

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    Business Credit Cards

    I’ve taken the next couple steps to digital privacy, with the first being getting my PO Box and having my LLC directed there along with applying for a Business Credit Card. I unfroze my credit for a day so I could apply, signed up for Chase Ink Business. This card in particular because they do not report to your personal credit. So now I can make the lions share of my personal purchases go away, all-the-while building up my business credit so I can eventually make home purchases through the company and not personally. Read up on: How to Form an LLC The application process was quick and easy and…

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    Officially Made the Switch to GrapheneOS

    It happened sooner that I wanted to make it, but breaking my work phone forced it upon me. Something about phones being thrown against a wall make them break… who knew? Yeah, it was a rough week. Tossed my SIM card into an old iPhone and told my friends I have a new number and the GrapheneOS was in full swing. So far so good. The iPhone simplicity, convenience and app porting will be missed… But short lived. I was able to find apks that matched mostly what I wanted and simplified my life even more by not putting a ton of apps I would never use on it. The…

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    Trying out Mint Mobile

    Ordered a pre-paid sim card from Mint Mobile and going to pop that into one of my new phones. Being delivered today. Should be interesting. The privacy experiment is moving forward! I’m so into this right now I have people near and around me thinking that one day I’m just not going to show up to work and they’ll never hear from me or see me again. Funny thing is… That’s tempting. Not going to happen, but very tempting.

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    GrapheneOS For My SmartPhone

    I’m an Apple fan to start. My first computer was an Apple and that Mac Classic still holds fond memories for me. Went to college using my Mac Performa with a 2400 baud modem. The entire family owns apple phones, watches, ipads, and even use mac air laptops. So deviating from this being a huge change is an understatement. Prior to my apple phone I was a Blackberry fan, so I can be flexible. I’ll give this a year and see how it goes. What I Did I just ordered my Pixel 4 off of ebay with the GrapheneOS installed. I will run that with Mint Mobile – get a…

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    Strictly No Junk Emails

    Now that I have changed all my emails – Made a post here about that, I’m now seeing a plethora of junk emails filling up my inbox. Granted, most are emails I actually did sign up for and they are related to products I once purchased, but noticed I’m getting promotions and sale items weekly or even more showing up and clogging up my inbox. Enough!! I’m unsubscribing from everything. Even from the products I like. Why so? I figure that if I liked their product so much, I’ll still go back and buy from them. It will also force me to buy from them only when I need it…

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    Deleted Instagram

    I stopped using instagram a year ago right after the Christmas season. I honestly didn’t mind it and originally thought it was a great way for people to follow their favorite products and people. Basically a way to say: Yes! Please send me advertisements. Then came the ads. Then instagram thought the best way to monetize it was to put up an ad after every third post. Okay, but at least my friends are still posting. Then they stopped posting. My friends went quiet… It wasn’t like I was gathering a giant following since I wasn’t selling anything. What I posted I could easy just text friends… So what was…