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    Cooking the Perfect Steak – Part 2

    After cooking a ribeye steak in part 1 and taking what I learned from that, I figured it was time to tackle it again. So once again, I grabbed a ribeye. This was nice and thick. I added on a rub and some red pepper flakes because I do like some spice. While that was resting, I got out my cast iron pan and added some butter, garlic, and onions. Once I started seeing some browning on the garlic and onions, I then added the steak and cooked at perfectly medium heat for 5 minutes a side So this is coming out better than I could have hoped right now.…

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    Cooking The Perfect Steak – Part 1

    I’m not sure how many parts of the series there will be, I’m trying to test taking the steak off at different temperatures and seeing exactly what it’s like on the inside and how well it tastes. Because I’ve been on a more meat-based diet lately I find myself cooking a lot more steaks. They are simply done either in butter or bacon fat with garlic, salt, and pepper. That is it. Tonight I was cooking a ribeye cut of meat. I ended up putting a thermometer through the side and into the middle to get the best temperature reading and also to allow me to flip it over while…