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    Padron Cigars – The Diplimatico

    Ah Padron, what can I say that hasn’t already been said. You are my favorite brand and hands down my favorite cigar. Fuente’s Opus X is good. Don’t get me wrong. They are good… But if I could have a humidor filled with Padron cigars… Ok, let me rephrase that: If I could afford a humidor filled with Padron cigars, I would do so and never look back. Today’s selection is one of their longest cigars: The Diplomatico. At a length of 7″ and a gauge of 50, this cigar is an all-nighter. Smooth and even smoke with no hint of profile or flavor change all the way down to…

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    Enjoying a Punch Cigar

    Lately I’ve been getting into pipe smoking. I have acquired a few tins of tobacco, already more than one pipe, and a tongue bite to let me know I really don’t know what I’m doing yet. Taking a break from this new hobby I grabbed an old faithful punch cigar. Sat in my cigar room, lit the cigar and enjoyed. There’s something about a good cigar. It burns evenly, with a bright white ash. Smooth smoke with a slight (dare I say) leathery finish. The length is shorter than what I have been smoking, but it allows for a quicker (again, relative for me) smoke for when I may be…

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    Cigar and Chicken Cock

    Poured myself two fingers of Chicken Cock (words I never thought I would say) grabbed an Excalibur and hit the deck. Suffered through a short sprinkle but was not deterred.  Been enjoying the longer smokes lately. Good pairing. The bourbon has a honey flavor to it and goes down smooth. The coffee notes of the cigar really come out with the bourbon.

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    Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur Forge

    Flat out this has become one of my favorite cigars! Hoyo De Monterrey Excaliburs have a special place in my heart already due to it being the first cigar I ever smoked (beyond those swisher sweets) and the first cigar when I realized how HORRIBLE those Swisher Sweets actually were… I never turned back to have a bad cigar ever again. These “Forge” cigars are at another level. Dark, velvety, and a hint of chocolate round out this cigar. The filler is a mix of tobacco from both Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. The binder is Connecticut Habano The wrapper from Honduras. You truly are travelling the world while smoking…

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    Esteban Carreras Hellcat Cigar Review

    I have a love-hate relationship with cigar of the month clubs. What I love about them? Getting new cigars I never would have picked if I walked into a large humidor and saw them. My least favorite part? Getting new cigars. I know that sounds completely contradictory, and it is… The thing is, when I have time to go have a cigar I really really want to have a cigar I know I’m going to enjoy so I still overlook the random cigars I received. Go figure. So I thought it was time to dig in to my stash and try some new cigars. This was one of them and…

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    Romeo Y Julieta Reserve Maduro

    I have a habit of purchasing cigars and letting them sit and mellow in my large humidor for a year. Something about letting a cigar sit for a while tends to bring out the best in it. I have nothing but anecdotal evidence to back that up though. I buy some cigars, try them… They are just OK. Let them sit in the humidor for a while and then have them again. Then soon become excellent. So this has just become my typical habit. I usually have a good year or two’s worth of cigars stocked up. I write all this just to preface that these cigars mellowed for a…

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    A Well Aged Arturo Fuente

    We all have one of those cigars. One that is so special that you intend to keep it for that ideal location, but that special occasion never seems to come or if an occasion comes you grab a different cigar… You know, just in case a more special occasion comes along right? So on your average Friday night, hanging out on the back deck by a fire, I decided to light up my 20+ year old Fuente cigar that has been sitting in my humidor so long that the wrapper has turned a sticky yellow color. So with some trepidation, I cut the cigar and lit it. The cigar is…