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    Nutrisense CGM – A Week In

    So I’m roughly a week into using this device I’ve been having a lot of fun scanning myself. Something satisfying about doing that and seeing your blood sugar and how your body is reacting to certain foods, or even no food at all. Your body reacts differently to foods depending on what you have been eating. I was on a low carb diet and put some maple syrup into my coffee to sweeten it and see how I reacted. Big spike! But that was on low carb. I tried a higher carb diet for a few days and did the maple syrup again. Barely a bump. Must have been because…

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    Biohacking with Nutrisense CGM

    I have been wanting to test out a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) ever since these came onto the market. These are simple devices that attached to your arm – yes there is a small needed – and yes it looks larger and more menacing than it is!! I’m not diabetic, I really just wanted to see how my body reacted to certain types of foods. You’ve heard of the Glycemic Index? If not, in short it is how your body reacts to the sugar in a food. As you can imagine, your body will react differently to honey versus oatmeal. While they are both forms of carbohydrates, your body can…