Cape to Boston by Boat

You don’t realize how early the sun comes up until you get up before it. This particular morning we headed down to Dennis, MA to hop on a boat and drive it up to Boston. A 38 foot Regal. Not mine, but a neighbors who needed a couple of deck hands to help out and I was more than willing to come along for the ride and do what I could.

Fueling up at the docks

We would head out of the Bass River and in between the Cape and Martha’s Vineyard and chug along the canal heading towards Boston.

Docks on the Bass River
Cat boat

We gave ourselves 6 hours for the trip. We would do it in three and a half hours. Let me show you why:

Flat ocean

The ocean was almost dead quiet. The only chop was from a light breeze and other boat traffic. The temperatures would reach 85 degrees and while chilly out on the open water, it was a perfect day.

I’ve seen the canal from above on the bridges and off the side on the rail trails but never by boat.

View from the Canal

The canal had a speed limit of 10 knots so it was a perfect time to dress down, enjoy the warm weather and crack open a beverage.

Vermont Beer

One of the interesting things I noticed as to how many light houses there actually were. I knew there would be some, but never knew actually how many were out there.

We even had one greet us with Boston as the back drop.

After finding the new marina and docking we headed back home. A fine day on the water. There’s just something about boats that brings out the joy in me.

Speaking of boats, the Scarab is in the water and ready to run. Looking forward to this summer.

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