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Cape Cod Trip – Nausset

Took a weekend to visit some old neighbors who now live down on Cape Cod. Was an enjoyable weekend. The trip down was plagued by traffic accidents, jams, and all around traffic issues that tacked on an extra hour and a half (at least) to our trip. Stop and go traffic is never fun and the fine folks of Massachusetts seems to make it worse with their lack of driving abilities.

But eventually we made it.

Nausset Spit
Cars were lined for a good mile down the beach

The friends had a special jeep all set up with lower air pressure in the tires so we could drive onto the beach. We didn’t stay, just decided to check out the place and see what was going on. It was a beautiful day so the beach was packed. Parking at the end, but you need to drive all the way to the end.

We decided to go back to the house down the road and make our own fun.


Brian and I set up the course and my Father (pictured) played along and we had one hell of a time playing in the tall grass, drinking, and just all around having fun. It croquet set was a yard sale pick I was told. Definitely a must have and do while on the Cape.

Ice cream evening

The evening was accentuated and capped off by going out to get ice cream. I believe it was more ice cream than I have ever eaten all year. You ask for a medium and they give you a pint of ice cream on a cone. Crazy!

Time was ending

Eventually it was time to go. We all said our goodbyes and fought the traffic on the way home. It is a great place if you can stay there a while, but horrific if you need to travel a lot. The traffic, the jams, the construction, etc… Just makes it a place I will visit now and then but not a place I want to visit often.

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