I’ve taken the next couple steps to digital privacy, with the first being getting my PO Box and having my LLC directed there along with applying for a Business Credit Card. I unfroze my credit for a day so I could apply, signed up for Chase Ink Business. This card in particular because they do not report to your personal credit. So now I can make the lions share of my personal purchases go away, all-the-while building up my business credit so I can eventually make home purchases through the company and not personally.

Read up on: How to Form an LLC

The application process was quick and easy and I immediately received an approval and a $16,000 credit limit, which is great considering my LLC is fairly new and has very little expenses. It also has 1.5% cash back and they will give me a 10% cash back bonus if I spend $7500 in the next 3 months. We are furnishing a new house currently so that should be simple!

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