Building a Brick Walkway – Part 1

Part 1? Oh, I’ll get to that…

So I prepped the site last year to get it ready for a brick walkway. I have access to this “old” brick and it looks great against my white house. I also want to make a patio off to the right of the walk way. Since the grass area slopes down I dug out and down the walkway so I could make it more even – and less work in the long run for me.

I used these boards as gauges when building the walkway and they work out great:

Got it all done in a day

I made a few alignment adjustments after this photo… But then (and here is where part 2 comes in) I noticed that by digging it down to accommodate the potential patio, I was completely too low when I got to the drive way that it almost was a step down.


I don’t want water pooling there. So I’m going to need to take all that brick back up and put sand down and do it all over again. I’ve even going to change the design so it’s in a row instead of a cross hatch pattern. The thinking there is because if/when we do the front walkway, it will be done that way so we might as well have both of them looking alike.

See you on Part 2!

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